DCE AutoEnhance ver. 3.0.3

Posted By: BigBrother
DCE AutoEnhance ver. 3.0.3

DCE AutoEnhance ver. 3.0.3
Plugin for Photoshop | RAR, No Pass | 1,44 Mb

DCE AutoEnhance will help you with the time consuming job of adjusting and enhancing your daily digital images in a whole new way.
Your images are each different and unique. One was taken with a flash, another was taken outside with strong lights and another image may be a long exposure in night.
It is obvious that by applying standard pre-canned adjustment steps on all your images will do hardly a good job.
That's why DCE AutoEnhance uses the Exif Metadata information that your digital camera recorded into the image and process the image accordingly to that.
DCE knows if you used flash, if it was a long exposure during the night or a fast snapshot in full light. And it adjust its process to reflect that.
It's a proven concept
We build DCE AutoEnhance based on a long research with or Digital Camera Tools. There are many thousands users of these free tools. Tools such ColorCastFX, Free DCE or Hot Pixels removal are always praised by many photographic amateurs and proffesionals all over the world.
And now you have a commercially available tool which not only combines all the power of our tools but goes far beyond that.