Declan's Japanese Dictionary for Windows 2000/XP

Posted By: Helden

Declan's Japanese Dictionary for Windows 2000/XP v1.0

Declan’s Japanese Dictionary uses Jim Breen’s EDICT Japanese-English dictionary database.
The version of the database used by this program includes around 20,000 words each with it’s kana/romaji pronunciation.

Declan’s Japanese Dictionary allows full and flexible English, kanji ,kana and romaji searches of the dictionary and includes a feature that allows custom word lists to be exported to Declan’s Japanese FlashCards XFL files.

Integration with the windows clipboard is also included which allows the word, its pronunciation or its meaning to be pasted into other Windows applications.
This program ONLY runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP

System Requirements
Windows 2000/XP
Microsoft Japanese IME installed (free)
Tested & Upoload
Keygen included
+PDF: LIST OF 1.000 KANJI (200 Pages)