Decompiler NET 2005 ver.

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Decompiler NET 2005 ver.

Decompiler NET 2005 ver. | 2,5 Mb

Decompiler.NET is the first affordable commercially available combination Decompiler, Obfuscator, Language Translator, and Refactoring Tool for Microsoft .NET managed applications and libraries that really works! Each release of Decompiler.NET is produced by decompiling, obfuscating and recompiling itself without the need to manually edit any of the outputted code. This ensures that each release is fully tested since Decompiler.NET is a large application that exercises the features required by most applications. Code generated by Decompiler.NET includes all required metadata for native calls including StructLayout attributes, DLLImport attributes, etc. Decompiler.NET requires either the .NET 1.1 or 2.0 Runtime.

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