Defrag for Windows v4.0.0.0

Posted By: Vegas
Defrag for Windows v4.0.0.0

Defrag for Windows v4.0.0.0
OS: Windows | 3 Mb | english

You can run Windows Disk Defragmenter periodically to organize your hard drive and boost your computer's performance, but plan to spend time running the Windows Scandisk utility first
(to check the hard drive for errors) and responding to the Defragmenter's messages.

Complete defrag consists of 9 steps:

1. Shutting down running processes.
2. Disabling and removing the paging file.
3. Disabling and removing the hiber file
4. Running Windows Scandisk utility.
5. Running Windows Defrag Disk utility.
6. Running PCMesh Disk optimizer
7. Restarting the running processes.
8. Enabling paging file.
9. Enabling hiber file.
10. Restarting/shutting down the PC.
All the steps are necessary for a satisfactory result.