Delorme Street Atlas Plus 2007 and with Service Patch 1

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Delorme Street Atlas Plus 2007 and with Service Patch 1

Delorme Street Atlas Plus 2007 and with Service Patch 1 Re-Upped
Rar files total 1.33 gb

Why Street Atlas USA 2007 Plus DVD?
· Search & map over 120 million U.S. and Canadian business and residential phone listings
· Easily import common text file formats to display locations on maps
· 3.4 million updated U.S. & Canadian streets

Now for Pocket PCs, iPods & Palm OS devices, as well as laptops, desktops & GPS. And NEW Canadian street-level maps & places of interest. View and compare all the new features.

Everything included in the regular version plus extensive data import capability, 120 million phone listings, and higher-end print and draw tools The GPS Leader

Loaded with innovative GPS features including voice commands, spoken directions, automatic back-on-track re-routing & mobile map colors Produced by DeLorme Mapmakers

Not licensed from 3rd party companies, the updated maps and 4 million places of interest are produced by experienced mapmakers here at DeLorme. Includes customer revisions

Updated Maps

* 133,000 new U.S. streets and roads, triple-referenced for accuracy by DeLorme mapmakers
* 3.4 million updated U.S. and Canadian streets and roads
* Canadian street-level maps
* Still includes ability to add your own local routable roads —— DeLorme exclusive

* NetLink: New easier way to communicate data revisions to DeLorme mapmaking staff with confirmation email when changes are made

Updated Places of Interest

* 4 million updated places of interest including hotels, restaurants, gas, and more
* DeLorme-verified exit service listings with phone numbers for travel major chains
* Canadian places of interest

Improved Usability

* Comes on one convenient DVD-ROM
* Customizable E-Z Nav toolbar across the top of the program interface (with right-click)
* Getting Started tutorial walks you through the major functions

Handheld PDA Software Included for No Extra Charge

* Supports Pocket PC and Palm OS
* Now supports Windows Mobile 5.0 (including the portrait, landscape, and high-resolution configurations of Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and later)


* Updated residential and business phone listings, searchable and locatable on detailed maps of the U.S. and Canada
* Now includes 14,827,444 Canadian residential and business phone listings


* Simplified data imports, providing more control when deciding what to import
* Simple revisions to large data imports can be made manually without needing to conduct the entire import process all over again
* No limit on the number of imports

iPod Support

* Bring static maps with you on photo-capable iPods and other digital audio and video players
* Scroll through your maps as you would with photos
* Ideal for urban walking environments

Intel-Based Mac Support Running Boot Camp for Windows XP

* Compatible with Intel-based Macs running Boot Camp for Windows XP (not Parallels at this time)
* Including for use with the Earthmate GPS LT-20 and Earthmate GPS Blue Logger

Rar files total 1.33 gb
14 files x 100 mb, 1 file x 37 mb approximately.

Extracted ISO file is 2.1 gb approximately, plus a 6 mb Service Pack 1 file

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