Borland Delphi 2006 Lite v3

Posted By: mimike
Borland Delphi 2006 Lite v3

Borland Delphi 2006 Lite v3 | RapidShare | Size: 70Mb

Урезанная версия Borland Delphi 10 (из Borland Development Studio 2006). Данный дистрибутив весит всего 70 мб, но в нем только базовые компоненты. Ни о какой поддержке платформы .NET конечно же речь не идет.

- Extremely small size. Only Standard Components and Database Components are included.
- Optional components have been moved to supplemental installers, which may be downloaded separately.
- The help system has been substituted by the Delphi 7 help, which is far better and doesn't require the .NET Framework SDK.
- Included OpenHelp utility from Delphi 7.
- Included programming font Monospac821 BT. Recommended setting: size 8 with ClearType activated.
- The Delphi Tweaks utility, located in the "Delphi 10 Lite" group, lets you enhance the Delphi IDE in several ways. Optimum settings have already been set, so you don't really need to run Delphi Tweaks unless you want to go back to the default values.
- BORLNDMM.DLL has been updated to FastMM v4.62.
- Refactoring, ErrorInsite, and ActiveX support have been disabled, as they require the .NET Framework.
- Update 1 has been installed (version of the IDE is 10.0.2166.28377)

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