Desktop Lock Business Edition ver. 7.1.2

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Desktop Lock Business Edition ver. 7.1.2

Desktop Lock Business Edition ver. 7.1.2 | 1.92 MB

Desktop Lock Business Edition is the enhanced version of Desktop Lock, it is added several new features. A new lock mode "Lock keyboard and mouse only, don't freeze screen" allows you to leave any video or Macromedia Flash or PowerPoint file playing on the screen during locking. The "Virtual Screen" tool will allow you to create virtual desktops. The virtual screen will list only the programs you specified on its desktops, and only allow users to use the listed programs.
Desktop Lock is a computer security protection and access control product, you can use it to lock computer to prevent people from accessing your private documents and resources. After your computer was locked by Desktop Lock, none can access your documents, browse your computer, or use programs on your computer.

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