DiagnosisPro 5.0

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DiagnosisPro 5.0

DiagnosisPro 5.0 | 23.2MB

DiagnosisPro 5.0 is the most comprehensive, reliable and easy-to-use diagnostic tool available today. With this program's powerful search engine, healthcare professionals can quickly generate a differential diagnosis from practically anywhere: in the office, at home, at the hospital, or even while on the run with the help of handheld devices like Pocket PCs.

By simply entering one or more findings or conditions, DiagnosisPro instantly generates a hierarchical list of diagnoses from its database of over 11,000 diseases, 30,000 findings, and 300,000 relationships. To explore a medical diagnosis further, you can utilize the valuable Disease Review and Disease Comparison features of DiagnosisPro.

DiagnosisPro can easily be installed on multiple platforms:

* On Windows (desktops and laptops)
* On Pocket PC handheld devices
* Online from any computer with an Internet connection
* On a Palm (currently under development)

All diagnostic results can be saved, printed, or E-mailed to a colleague. Utilizing Web Services, the program can be integrated with medical applications such as electronic medical records (EMRs) as well as billing and charting software.

DiagnosisPro is not intended to make the final diagnosis for a medical practitioner; nothing can replace a physician's expertise and experience. However, a medical doctor is expected to not only know the answers to every medical situation learned way back in medical school, but also to be aware of the most recent developments and advancements.

DiagnosisPro is simply a powerful reference tool that was designed to quickly remind busy medical practitioners of all of the possibilities and conditions which they might have forgotten or overlooked – especially in complicated or rare cases that fall outside of their specialties.

You can rely on DiagnosisPro because its data is updated regularly. Its database has been compiled by reputable physicians over the past 30 years from more than 90 prestigious medical resources, including Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, Stein Internal Medicine, Cecil Textbook of Medicine, Oxford Textbook of Medicine, The Merck Manual, The New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, The Lancet, and many more.

You do not have to be a computer whiz to use DiagnosisPro. It requires no previous computer experience. The program is very intuitive and it's easy to generate the information you need at your fingertips.

The three valuable cornerstones in this program are:

* Generating a Differential Diagnosis
* A detailed Disease Review in outline format
* A side-by-side Disease Comparison of any two diseases

To generate a search for a Differential Diagnosis, you enter one or more findings such as signs, symptoms, lab values, patient's characteristics, the patient's occupation if a condition could be attributable to a job, travel location for regional diseases, or X-ray and EKG results. DiagnosisPro then provides a list of differential diagnoses. You can narrow down the list of diagnoses or expand it depending on the findings you enter.

When you choose a diagnosis, you may then evaluate a Disease Review in a detailed outline format. Each Disease Review includes clinical presentations, demographic information, abnormal lab values, pathophysiology, rule-outs, complications, treatments and much more. DiagnosisPro conveniently provides ICD-9 and CPT codes from its database of over 15,000 codes.

You can save the Disease Review of a case with the click of a button for future reference or pending additional test results. You have the option to type in additional information or comments that you want included in the "case file" for a particular patient. You may also print-out the Disease Review at any time or E-mail it to a colleague (it will arrive as an attachment).

When you select a particular disease or condition, we provide hot links for easy access to abstracts and other research materials at important medical reference websites with the search-and-results pertaining going directly to the disease you selected. These websites are: PubMed (with citations from MEDLINE and additional life science journals), Harrison's Online, e-Medicine, National Guideline Clearinghouse, as well as Google.

DiagnosisPro is designed to make your practice safer, enhance the quality of care, reduce misdiagnosis and billing errors, and save time – especially in diagnosing complicated cases. It is the ultimate differential diagnosis tool for a busy physician.