Diet Power Weight & Nutrition Coach 4.0

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Diet Power Weight & Nutrition Coach 4.0

Diet Power Weight & Nutrition Coach 4.0 | 7.80 Mb
The only calorie counter software that can guarantee reaching your goal

Weight Loss that Can't Fail
You've seen claims like this before. In Diet Power's case, however, the claim is quite true – not because of any magical ingredient, but because our software understands math and physics.

Most weight-control programs assume you have an average metabolic rate (calories required to maintain your weight) – typically 2000 calories per day. Your rate may differ, however. It may also fluctuate over days or weeks.

Even if it's only 10 percent off, a "maintenance" diet designed by one of those programs will lead you to gain or lose more than 20 pounds a year.

Diet Power is a useful program which monitors your true metabolic rate by comparing your weight changes with the foods you've eaten and the exercise you've logged. If the rate goes up or down, the program adjusts your calorie budget by just enough to cancel the difference.* It does so daily. This self-correcting system guarantees that if you consistently record your meals and exercise and stick to your budget, you will reach your goal on schedule.

You have to supply the perseverance, of course. But most people who use Diet Power say it's surprising how seldom they feel hungry. That's because they can see which foods are healthful, yet filling. The program teaches good nutrition effortlessly.



I have had a lot of success with this program over the last year. I highly recommend it.