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Disk fragmentation causes crashes, slowdowns, freeze-ups and even total system failures. Manual defragmentation just isn’t practical—it takes too long. NEW Diskeeper 9 is the “Set It and Forget It”® high-speed defragmenter that runs undetectably in the background and makes the problems of fragmentation go away forever!

Diskeeper is packed with features and new technology that keep your systems running at top speed and protect critical system files, ensuring like-new levels of performance. Your systems can perform like new again—get Diskeeper 9 and see!

Advanced “Set It and Forget It” functionality

No matter how powerful your PC is, fragmentation will slow it down. It’s just a matter of time. In fact, the harder your system works, the faster it builds fragmentation. Manual, single-pass defragmenters simply can’t keep up—in order to maintain performance, you’d likely spend more time defragmenting than you did using the computer! Why bother with a time-consuming manual process, when Diskeeper 9 Professional Edition simply makes the problems of fragmentation go away forever?

Diskeeper 9 Professional Edition allows custom configuration tailored to the way you use your system. Fine-tune Diskeeper to your likings or select the default options then “Set It and Forget It”, and you’ll never need to worry about fragmentation again!

At the heart of Diskeeper is a patented high-speed multi-pass engine that runs 300-500% faster than the built-in defragmenter. By running in the background, Diskeeper is completely unobtrusive—in fact it’s so fast and so efficient that you may not even notice when the defragmentation engine is active.
Diskeeper keeps your PC running at its speed and reliability potential on its own, even while you are using your computer. Install and schedule Diskeeper 9, and fragmentation is taken care of automatically in the background.
Diskeeper 9 provides a range of scheduling options including custom time and day scheduling, screen saver mode, and exclusive SmartScheduling mode, which dynamically schedules defragmentation according to your system’s usage patterns.
Fragmentation of the MFT (Master File Table, your disk’s virtual table of contents) and paging file (disk-based extension of memory) causes crashes, freezes and lock-ups. FragShield prevents these critical system areas from becoming fragmented, eliminating a major cause of crashes, freezes and lock-ups.
Certain system files (including the MFT in Windows 2000 and NT and the paging file in XP, 2000 and NT) cannot be safely defragmented while the computer is up and running. Use the Diskeeper 9 boot-time mode to safely defragment these files and restore your computer’s reliability
New in Diskeeper 9 is I/O Smart technology, which pauses background defragmentation when other programs or processes need access to the drive. I/O Smart ensures that defragmentation with Diskeeper 9 never slows your system down—in fact, it’s virtually undetectable.
Fragmentation of a few large files can cause the biggest slowdowns. New File Performance defragmentation mode targets these performance bottlenecks and rapidly defragments them for a quick performance boost.
Fully configurable defragmentation modes. Diskeeper 9 allows you to set the priority level (how much CPU time Diskeeper gets as opposed to other running programs) as well as the defragmentation method (max disk performance, quick defragmentation, file-performance defragmentation, or free-space consolidation). Diskeeper allows up to two schedules per volume, each with its own priority level and defragmentation method.
The Diskeeper system tray icon appears any time the defragmentation engine is active, and adjusts its functionality according to user permissions. Administrators can open the Diskeeper user interface and completely control the current defragmentation job, while non-administrators can “bump” a defragmentation job to a later time.
The Diskeeper user interface includes performance and reliability analysis graphs that illustrate exactly how much speed and reliability are being lost to fragmentation on an individual machine. New Performance Map provides an “at-a-glance” indication of fragmentation conditions on each individual volume.
For mobile users, Diskeeper 9 includes a power saving mode that suspends background defragmentation while the system is running on battery power.
Putting an end to fragmentation-related slowdowns once and for all is simple: Just get Diskeeper 9 Professional Edition, “Set It and Forget It”, and keep your PC running like new forever!
OS required-- Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition

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