djay 3.0.1 [ReUp]

djay 3.0.1 [ReUp]

djay 3.0.1 | Mac Os X | 9 MB

djay lets you easily mix all your tracks and playlists from iTunes - simply drag and drop the songs onto the turntables. You can perform live and record your mixes at home with ease - perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

Automatic mixing and stylish transitions

Or you can enable Automix mode and let djay mix your playlists with seamless DJ-style transitions, non-stop and fully automatic. Enjoy beautiful cover art right on the virtual vinyl and smoothly fade one song into the next using a variety of DJ-style transitions like Backspin, Echo and Brake.

Trackpad scratching and wide ranging support

Put your own voice into the mix, then transform your vocals using Echo or Pitch-Changer effects. Plus you can use the mouse or two-finger gestures on a notebook's trackpad to mix and scratch your songs–no additional hardware required. With full support for all songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store you'll soon be producing killer mixes from your favourite music.

Available in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese.