Document To Go ver. 2.00 for Symbian 80

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Document To Go ver. 2.00 for Symbian 80

Documents To Go ver. 2.00 | 1,7 Mb

Documents To Go for Symbian Series 80 is a revolutionary application that allows you to use, edit and create actual Microsoft Word and Excel files on your Nokia 9300 Smartphone and Nokia 9500 Communicator. Now you can truly stay productive no matter where you go or how you receive your files- whether via e-mail attachments, Bluetooth, IR,MMS or external memory cards.

Simply put, InTact is groundbreaking, never before seen technology that keeps all original document formatting "intact" no matter what you do to the file. With it, you can use your real Microsoft Word and Excel files with complete confidence because you're not working on a copy of a converted Word or Excel file; you're working on the actual file on your smartphone.


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