Dolphin SMASH ver. 5.7.2

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Dolphin SMASH ver. 5.7.2

Dolphin SMASH ver. 5.7.2 | Win32 | Size: 80,62 Mb
Logic, Analog and Mixed simulation

* SMASH 5.7 Empowered Mixity
* IBIS workgroup uses SMASH for modelling [PDF - 4.8Mo]
* Verilog AMS joining VHDL and SPICE in SMASH 5.6
* DOLPHIN's SMASH delivers Industry Standard Model BSIM4v3 for Nanometric Transistors
* SMASH Evolution over time

SMASH 5.7 is loaded with innovative features which contribute to increasing the productivity of logic, analog and mixed signal designers. With good estimates of power consumption in logic circuits, designers can make an educated selection of low-power architectures and of logic blocks.

Now, for the first time, a simulator popularizes the setup of parameters to obtain the appropriate speed/accuracy tradeoff for a given Virtual Test.

Key enhancements:
• Graphic User Interface for Trading-off Accuracy and Rapidity (GUITAR)
• Logic power consumption estimation (SCROOGE)
• Extended compliance with Verilog-AMS and VHDL-AMS standards
• Unleashed SPICE and VHDL-AMS mixity allowing any hierarchical instantiations
• Enhanced API including script capabilities using Tcl
• Automatically documented SPICE device models
• Increased logic simulation speed (up to a factor of 2)

Note: This version is for windows


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