Dr.Web ver.

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Dr.Web ver.

Dr.Web ver. | 8 Mb

Dr.Web Enterprise Suite enables you to always monitor the actual state of your anti-virus defense regardless of the number of workstations and subnets that your company has deployed! A special encrypted protocol makes it absolutely safe to control your networks worldwide via the Internet.

* to perform centralized management of installation of the Dr.Web® anti-virus to any number of computers, both within the local and external networks
* to control all components of the company anti-virus protection, make schedules and set parameters of separate components
* to control loading of updates, virus databases and program modules of Dr.Web, which are automatically loaded from the servers of the Dr.Web Global Updating System
* to receive full information on virus incidents of any level happened in the protected objects of the system
* to timely receive notifications (including to mobile phones) on virus incidents and contingencies within the protected networks
* to manage network users permission rights to change anti-virus settings according to the security policy of your company.

To improve the reliability of anti-virus protection and for the sake of convenience of corporate users Dr.Web® Enterprise Suite solution possesses the following important peculiarities:

* fast and effective distribution by Dr.Web Enterprise Suite server of the virus databases and program modules updates to protected workstations without any additional settings or the updates schedules required
* minimum possible network traffic, compared with the similar solutions of other developers, based on the specially designed protocol of the data exchange in the networks built upon IP, IPX and NetBIOS protocols with the possibility to apply special algorithms of compression
* an ability to encrypt the data during the exchange conducted between different components of the system, which secures a safe anti-virus system management from any place of the world via the Internet
* a unique possibility of the hierarchical building of the anti-virus protection system, based upon distribution of updates and information on the events happening in the protected workstations, between Dr.Web® Enterprise Suite servers in the anti-virus network which is highly important for businesses with multi affiliates structure
* a possibility to create groups of stations for differentiated settings for every such group
* a platform-independent architecture of the server software allowing to utilize both Windows and UNIX-based machines as servers
* a possibility to install the administrator workplace (anti-virus protection control console) on almost any computer managed by any operating system.

System requirements

* Local network based upon the IP, IPX or NetBIOS protocols (all protected computers and the anti-virus server should be included into this network)
* For the anti-virus server - a computer with processor Pentium III-667 or higher, operating memory 128 MB or higher (256 MB, if using the built-in database), free space on the hard drive 1 GB (20 MB for executable files, the rest - for logs and the built-in database), Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, Linux, FreeBSD or Solaris/x86 operating systems
* To automatically receive the content of the centralized installation directory and the updates from the updating server an access to the servers of the Dr.Web global updating system through the Internet should be established for the anti-virus server
* The anti-virus console requires a computer operated by Windows, or a computer with Sun JRE version 5.0 Update 1 or higher (requirements to the OS and the computer are determined in this case by the JRE requirements)
* The connection via TCP/IP should be provided between the server and the console
* The anti-virus agent and the anti-virus package require a computer with processor Pentium II-400 or higher, operating memory 32 MB or higher, free space on the hard drive 128 MB or higher (8 MB for executable files, the rest - for logs), Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003