dtSearch Engine Developer v7.40 Build 7331

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dtSearch Engine Developer v7.40 Build 7331

dtSearch Engine Developer v7.40 Build 7331 | 41.05 MB

Incorporate industrial-strength text retrieval technology into your PC, network or Internet/Intranet product.

Proven Technology
  • dtSearch Corp has been producing text search and retrieval products since 1991.
  • Hundreds of commercial applications currently incorporate the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. (See Case Studies)
  • dtSearch Desktop, dtSearch Network, dtSearch Publish, and dtSearch Web all use the same dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine technology licensed to developers.
Maximum Programmer Flexibility (Note: Linux version has only Java and C++ API)
  • Advanced multithreaded operation for use with Active Server Pages (ASP) and .NET
Extensive sample source code:
  • through a COM interface for Visual Basic, ASP and Delphi.
  • through a function-call interface for C++ and Visual C++.
  • through JNI for Java.
  • for an ADO database application.
  • Includes sample source code for dtSearch Web in both ASP and ISAPI versions.
  • sample C++ code for dtSearch Publish.
  • sample code to implement FindPlus® distributed searching using an XML-based protocol for exchanging and aggregating search information.
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Thanks to TEAM DVT

Tested & Working. Installed over previous version.

dtSearch Desktop v7.40 Build 7331