Duplicate File Detective ver.

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Duplicate File Detective ver.

Duplicate File Detective ver. | 6,36 Mb

Duplicate File Detective – Professional Grade Duplicate File Management Solution. Duplicate File Detective uses advanced file system scanning technology to find duplicate files fast and effectively. And because it analyzes the contents of files, Duplicate File Detective can find duplicates even if the file names are different. Duplicate File Detective provides you with a broad range of professional-grade features such as HTML and XML exporting, advanced search filtering, a command line interface, and much more…

Duplicate File Detective uses state-of-the-art file content analysis technology to show you exactly where the duplicate files are. You can scan multiple file systems - folders, drives, removable storage devices, even network shares - all in a single pass. Then use the powerful Duplicate Result Manager to move, zip, or delete duplicate files safely, all with assistance from our innovative Smart Marking duplicate file selection system. Need to recover disk space, speed backups, and reduce system clutter? Download Duplicate File Detective now!

Key features:
Intuitive and attractive user interface
Powerful, multi-threaded file system scanning engine
Flexible scan-time filtering system (by file name, date, size, and more)
Multiple file system paths can be scanned in a single pass
Supports all drive types - local, network, removable, etc.
Shows distribution of duplicate files by file type (in report and graph form)
Reports can be exported in HTML, CSV, and XML formats
Once created, reports can be re-imported for further analysis
Project-based - load and save project definitions with ease
Computes file checksums to accurately compare file contents
Project wizard helps get you to get started fast
Super-modern, customizable user interface
Duplicate file management - safer moving, zipping, and deleting
Smart Marking technology helps you manage the right files
Command line support for batching, scheduling
Printing and print preview
Built-in duplicate scan summary report
Color-coded report results according to file attributes
Integrated product update checking
Customizable project defaults
File hash (checksum) calculator tool
Built-in file properties / version display docking panel
Find duplicates based upon file name, size, contents, and more
Multiple file contents comparison methods (CRC32, ADLER32, MD5, and SHA-1)
Helps to protect critical system files and folders

Find duplicate files quickly and accurately
Reduce time and media used to perform backups
Reduce hard drive clutter
Speed up file searches and indexing processes
Regain disk space on space-limited resources (like laptops, memory devices, etc.)
Schedule reports with Windows scheduler (via command line interface)
Generate dup file reports in HTML - right to your web server

In v
* Improvement: Report fields are now quoted during export to CSV format.
* Bug fix: Resolved a problem with filter criteria file name masks not honoring upper case characters (when the case sensitive masking switch is engaged).
* Bug fix: Resolved a problem with small duplicate file result sets being ignored under specific, rare conditions.