DynAdvance Notifier 1.1.67

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DynAdvance Notifier 1.1.67+Key

Are you tired of checking all you email accounts many times a day to see if you have new email ? Is your computer running slow ? Introducing DynAdvance Notifier, the professional email notification tool. It checks all your Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, POP3 or IMAP accounts for new email, promptly notifies you of new messages, AND automatically logs you into your accounts if you want to view your email ! No need to enter usernames and passwords all the time. No need to keep your email program or your browser open all the time. And all this for a ridiculously low price ! Save time and resources with DynAdvance Notifier. The best email notification tool you'll ever find.

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NEW! Revised MSN support
MSN and Hotmail support are now available for all languages of Hotmail/MSN
NEW! Yahoo! Mail support for German, Spanish and French
More people can now use this wonderful tool
Updated Yahoo! Mail support
We have updated support for Yahoo! Mail. Please download the latest version of the program.
Hotmail auto-login and updated Hotmail support !
Finally, Hotmail auto-login support ( for IE )! Also, Hotmail made some big changes to their access protocol so an update of the notifier was necessary.
The best notifier you'll ever find.Period.
We are proud to have the only notifier on the market with multiple account and auto-login support for all major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.
NEW! Updated Yahoo! Mail support
Yahoo! made some subtle changes to its protocol, requiring an update.
TIP: Do your employees spend too much time on the web checking for email ?
Why not installing DynAdvance Notifier in your company ? The employees will spend less time on the web checking for email on Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and so on. Instead of constantly logging in and checking for email, why not be notified when email arrives ? The professional look, feel and operation of DynAdvance Notifier is suitable for corporate use. Not to mention the POP3 with SSL and IMAP with SSL support, which would eliminate the need to always keep your email client running, thus lowering resource usage ! Customized versions according to your company needs are available. Contact us for large ( 20+ ) number of licenses !
TIP: DynAdvance Notifier automatically logs you into your webmail accounts !
This is our most important and unique feature. Logging into multiple Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts is done automatically with just a click. Don't you just hate entering your username and password every time ?
NEW! Password-protected proxy support
Now you can use DynAdvance Notifier with password protected proxies.
NEW! AOL support
You can set DynAdvance Notifier up for AOL support. Please refer to DynAdvance Notifier help file on how to do that
NEW! Yahoo! Mail auto-login
Now you can click on an Yahoo! account and be automatically logged in !
NEW! FireFox auto-login support for Gmail and Yahoo!
Now auto-login for Gmail and Yahoo! Mail works with Mozilla FireFox too !
The most convenient way to check for email
With DynAdvance Notifier you can eliminate the shortcomings of using free Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, POP3 or IMAP email addresses. Checking for new email is done automatically for you every few minutes, so you don’t have to log in many times each day on your and your family accounts to check for new email.
Clean and easy to use user interface
DynAdvance Notifier is probably the most easy to use email notifier on the market. Its clean and easy to use user interface underlines the professional look and feel of the program.
High quality Email Notification Tool
The high quality of this email notifier contrasts with the competing notification solutions on the market. While the majority of the mail notifier programs of this kind use some low quality 3rd party library to check for email, DynAdvance Notifier is built completely in-house, avoiding many issues that some programs of this kind have.