EarMaster School v5.0.595S

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EarMaster School v5.0.595S

EarMaster School v5.0.595S | 4 Mb

EarMaster School is a an interactive and powerful tool for teaching ear training. The learn-by-doing approach allows your students to develop better musical ears - and it is great fun too! EarMaster is easy to use and includes all the features you need for teaching ear training.

Use the 651 ready-to-use lessons or make your own customized lessons with the advanced Tutor Editor.
Control how well the students must perform before advancing to the next lesson.
Tutor lessons are compatible with EarMaster Pro.
E-learning compatible:
Distribute your lessons to students’ home computers by e-mail, on a website or on all types of storage devices.
Receive the students’ results through the integrated export-by-email functionality.

EarMaster School includes all features and exercises in EarMaster Pro plus extra educational features.