Easy MPEG-4 player ver. 2.12

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Easy MPEG-4  player ver. 2.12

Easy MPEG-4 player ver. 2.12 | 2 Mb
Very small and easy software that plays MP4 video format and alittle others

Mpegable Player version 2.12 from dicas is a small stand-alone player that will play MPEG-4 Video clips received from 3 handsets and has features such as zoom and filters to improve quality of the onscreen display.

If you want a separate Player software on your PC for playing clips, mpegable Player is very suitable for this task, if not, the mpegable DS decoder above is more suitable. Once the software has been downloaded, follow the installation instructions. When you are ready to play a video clip, use the file menu to locate the clip or double click on the clip to launch the mpegable player.