KoolMoves ver. 5.7.1 Retail

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KoolMoves ver. 5.7.1 Retail

KoolMoves ver. 5.7.1 Retail | 6,8 Mb

KoolMoves takes an approach to Flash movie creation that is in tune with the animation process, because it was designed by a professional animator. It is a mature animation package with ease of use and power as guiding principles. To make animations in KoolMoves all the user has to do is draw or import shapes or images and then reposition, reshape, and recolor the animation objects in adjacent key frames to achieve the look you want. KoolMoves automatically morphs shapes in between each of the shapes you create to achieve smooth animated motion. It's like putting together a cartoon strip. Each frame contains text, images, shapes, sounds, and actions. For character animation, one frame would have the characters in one pose and in the next frame in another pose.


- Import SWFs as editable movies
- Import FLV Flash Videos
- 51 action script based text effects
- 100 stylish text effects templates
- 343 clip art items and buttons
- 20 web interface templates
- Transition, spin, rotate effects
- 4 skill levels (wizards to cartooning)
- 7 unique views of the animation
- Easy to create mouse-over effects
- Flash MX action scripting
- Easy to use preloaders
- User interface components
- Bones for character animation

KoolMoves is an affordable Flash authoring tool that is full featured and easy to use. It is ideal for creating a wide range of web content with high impact visuals, MP3 and WAV sound.

The functionality services a broad set of web design needs:
• high impact visuals with sound
• animated text effects
• general web sites
• flash banners
• multimedia slide shows
• dazzling splash pages
• flying logos
• complex navigation systems
• character animation
• interactive games
• and much more…

Version 5.7.1 11/29/06
• Fixed 3D Effects window so resizing window works.
• Fixed font selection in Text Message Preloader.
• Fixed Export Movie > As Frame Capture to remove remnants of web browser frame.

Download 6,8 MB:
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