Elite Software GASVENT 2.09.19

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Elite Software GASVENT 2.09.19

Elite Software GASVENT 2.09.19 | Win32 | Size: 5,45 Mb

Since there are so many potential problems that can result from the incorrect venting of gas appliances, some of them deadly, as a contractor you simply cannot afford to do without the kind of design help that GasVent gives you.

* Calculates Vent Size for Category 1 Gas Powered Appliances
* Follows NFGC and IFGC Procedures
* Sizes Single and Double Wall Metal Vents
* Computes Combustion Air Requirements
* Calculates Interior or Exterior Masonry Chimney Size
* Sizes Type B and Single Wall Metal Vent Connectors
* Calculates for Single and Multiple Appliances
* Works for Both Single and Multi Story Buildings
* Allows for Drafthood and Fan Equipped Appliances
* Accommodates Single Stage or Multiple Stage Appliances
* Accommodates any Height and Lateral Dimensions
* Accommodates 45 Degree and 90 Degree Vent Elbows
* Accommodates Corrugated Vent Connectors
* Accommodates Vent Dampers
* Graphical, Context Sensitive Help
* Hypertext Feature Provides Link Between All Help Items


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