Elite Software Rhvac 8.01.172

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Elite Software Rhvac 8.01.172

Elite Software Rhvac 8.01.172 | Win32 | Size: 24,72 Mb

Rhvac makes load calculation as easy as it can be – with one-click help on virtually every input, favorite material lists, automatic error checking and more. Try it today and see if it isn't the most user-friendly and powerful load calculation program you can get.

# Calculates Peak Heating and Cooling Loads in Accordance with Manual J
# Determines Building Tonnage and Room CFM Requirements, and Runout Duct Sizes
# Incorporates Manual J Addenda A, B, C, and D!
# Links to REM/Rate, Architectural Energy Corporation's Popular Home Energy Rating Tool
# Links to REScheck, DOE's Energy Codes Program
# New! Calculates Duct System Losses and Fan Static Pressure Requirement
# Calculates Hydronic Radiant Floor Tubing Length Required
# Follows ACCA Manual J, 8th Edition. Rhvac is approved by ACCA.
# Computes Room by Room, Zone, System & Building
# Calculates from Manually Entered Data or Directly from Floor Plans Created with Drawing Board (sold separately)
# Rooms and Zones Can Be Assigned to 15 Systems
# Allows 1000 Rooms Grouped into 10 Zones per System Using Drag and Drop Zoning Techniques
# Allows 10 Walls, 10 Windows, and 4 Roofs per Room
# Allows Custom Construction Material Descriptions
# Looks up HTM & U-Values or Lets You Specify Them
# Determines Adequate Exposure Diversity status
# Links to Florida's EnergyGauge Compliance Program
# Links to Ductsize and Energy Audit
# No Copy Protection!
# Displays Psychrometric Chart
# Equipment Selection From ARI and GAMA Databases
# Prints Exploded Color Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, and Custom Sales Proposals
# Allows Decimal Feet, Feet-Inches or Metric Length and Width Dimensions
# Allows Exterior Shading (Overhangs and Offsets)
# Provides Inputs for Summer & Winter Partition Temperature Differences


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