Enable Virtual Desktop ver.3.0.1

Posted By: teamboy
Enable Virtual Desktop ver.3.0.1

Enable Virtual Desktop ver.3.0.1 | 4,55 MB

Unlimited desktops gives you unlimited flexibility. Fast switching between desktops saves you time. Window Rules make your windows behave the way you want them to. Fully configurable look, feel and operation suits your needs.

get organized

Create a desktop space that suits you by changing the number of desks, rows and columns.

get more space

Use drag sliding to navigate around your virtual desktops as if they were one single continuous desktop.

work faster

Switch from one desk to another using your mouse or with user-definable hotkeys, or use drag switching - just drag your mouse to the desk boundary and enable Virtual Desktop will switch to the next desk.

work easier

Scroll through all your open windows quickly and easily using the enable Virtual Desktop Window Selector.

work smarter

Assign rules for your windows to control their behavior, and re-apply your rules at any time, so you can re-organize your desktop FAST.

work any way you want to

Customize the mini-window, with options including: semi-transparent mini-window display (for Windows® 98 / NT®4.0 and above); titlebar; taskbar icon; SysTray icon; always on top and auto-hide.

Set up global hotkeys so you can easily switch desks, control the mini-window, and use the enable Virtual Desktop Window Selector.