Encyclopedia of Space and Universe (R)

Posted By: biory

This Encyclopedia of Space and the Universe is the ultimate resource for exploring the vast reaches of our galaxy and beyond. Spend a day aboard “Skylab”, explore the expertly rendered 3D model of Mir, even travel to the Moon's mysterious dark side and scan the hundreds of unexplored craters! Easy-to-use navigational features, interactive animations, 3D models and unique video clips from NASA give you the ultimate journey into outer space.

The articles are written clearly enough for middle-school children to understand, but adults will not find them patronizing. Each selection elicits a pop-up window offering a brief overview, usually accompanied by a video, animation, 3-D model or illustration and several icons that can be clicked to study the topic in greater detail. A “See Also” button provides links to related topics. The web-like structure of this encyclopedia encourages exploration.

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