Eurotalk Talknow Turkish

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Eurotalk Talknow Turkish

Talk Now! Turkish

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Talk Now! is ideal for anyone over 10 years old wishing to improve listening, understanding and spoken language skills. The disc includes nine topics: first words, food, colours, phrases, parts of the body, numbers, time, shopping and countries. The games and quizzes included on the disc ensure that users have fun whilst using the disc, without realising that they're learning.

Each topic contains listening practice, an easy game, a hard game, a printable dictionary and the opportunity to record your voice and hear how you sound in comparison to the two native speakers who tutor the user throughout the Talk Now! course. Each of the target languages for Talk Now! has help available in an additional 102 languages. This means that the same disc for learning German can be used by someone whose mother tongue is English, Swedish, Farsi or Greek etc.

There are approximately 500 words on the first disc - you won't be fluent having completed Talk Now! but you certainly should have learned enough to get by and be understood should you visit your target country.