Executive Undelete ver. 5.0 Build 114

Posted By: Joides

Executive Undelete ver. 5.0 Bulid 114

Home, Pro Workstation and Server Editions, all with Emergency Undelete

Undelete 5.0 Professional Edition for Workstation and Server Edition - recovers deleted files instantly, no matter where across the network they were deleted from. Undelete safely replaces the Windows ("Recovery Bin") with a "Recovery Bin", which captures all deleted files, even the ones that typically bypass the recycle bin. You can even recover files you purged from the "Recovery Bin" or ones deleted prior to installing Undelete.

The new version simplifies and speeds up retrieval of lost or deleted data, and now features automatic file versioning for Microsoft Office files.

As users modify and save Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint files, Undelete 5 will transparently capture the earlier versions of these files in the exact state they were in before being modified and saved. Sometimes users need to go back to an earlier version and new Undelete 5.0 now provides that missing version protection as well as deleted file protection.

Undelete Home Edition has all the functionality of Undelete Professional Edition but lacks the network file recovery ability. If you only have one computer at home, Undelete Home Edition is all you will ever need.

Home Edition

Professional Workstation Edition

Server Edition