Extensis Suitcase ver. 9.2.2

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Extensis Suitcase ver. 9.2.2

Extensis Suitcase ver. 9.2.2 | 7,33 Mb
The Best Font Manager For Windows!

Extensis Suitcase ver. 9.2.2

Main Features
Saves system resources – increases speed and stability
Previews fonts without installing them
Creates type sample pages
Quickly resolves duplicate font conflicts
Connects seamlessly with Suitcase Server for workgroups
Supports integrated scripting

System Requirements
Current Version 9.2.2

Windows 2000, or XP
Pentium II or faster processor
128 Megabytes of RAM
8 Megabytes of hard disk space
Note: ATM Light is required for rendering PostScript fonts on screen in Windows 98 or Windows Me

Product Features
Easy to set up and use
The easy-to-use unified Suitcase window lets you open fonts, view sets and preview fonts all in one window. Plus, you can quickly organize fonts and customize the window to fit the way you work with fonts.

Create font sets
Activate all the fonts you need fast by organizing them into font sets. Group you sets by job, by customer, by foundry, by application or by any classification you choose. Once created, whole font sets can be easily activated or deactivated with a single click.

Preview fonts
Suitcase’s font previews allow you to see a font in action before you take the time to install and activate it. You can preview fonts several different ways—Waterfall, ABC 123, Paragraph and QuickType™.

Integrated scripting support
Integrated scripting support allows Suitcase functionality to be accessed through a wide variety of script-enabled applications such as those from Microsoft and Adobe.

Print Sample Pages
Create custom font spec books by printing out sample pages. Useful font information and previews of the fonts are included on each page. You can select individual fonts, multiple fonts, or print the font sample pages of an entire set of fonts all at the same time.

Connects with Suitcase Server
Suitcase 9 connects seamlessly with Suitcase Server to ensure consistent font use among workgroup members. Suitcase Server supports both the Windows and Macintosh Suitcase clients, making it the perfect font management solution for cross-platform workgroups.

Includes FontDoctor utility
Suitcase includes MorrisonSoft Design’s FontDoctor, the industry standard for font problem diagnosis, repair and organization

Download; 7.33 MB