Eyewitness Virtual Reality: Bird

Posted By: biory

The ultimate guide to natural history

"My now 6 years old son has had this CD for a year and navigates it every 2 days without fail. He has memorized huge amounts of information on birds and gained an awareness of this kind of scientific exploration.

The funny thing is, he has no specific interest in birds. The layout of the information on the CD is set up in such an intriguing way that he kept going back to it until the content caught his attention! It is simply a good quality layout - no bells or whistles or rewards - just beautiful graphics, an easy but interesting user interface, and the treasure of in depth knoledge that few homeschooled kids can resist.

I was especially pleased that the CD can be used completely by pre readers. There is nothing more frusterating than getting a CD for your 4yo and then discovering that they need you to read the directions....when what they really want is the ability to explore at their own speed!"


Part 1:

Part 2:

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