Final Maxthon 2.0 Public Preview Release + Rus

Posted By: pop
Final Maxthon 2.0 Public Preview Release + Rus

Maxthon Final Preview | 1,5 MB

Now a more power Maxthon then ever!
Many changes! Plugins works now! Saving sessions! Shared account enabled - and many more!

+ NTLM / Negotiate authentication support
+ URL alias
+ Skin, Plugin, Filter Package command under Tools
+ Session menu under File
+ Skin: [Colors] Caption.Text=#999999
+ Auto refresh setup dialog
+ IE7 like zoom (require IE7)
+ Skin: Sidebar Caption skinable
+ Select different custom filter from AD Hunter button on status bar
+ Pressed icon setting in skin file
+ Able to toggle small icon (right click on toolbar)
+ Register .m2s, m2p, m2f file type.
+ menu right align
+ Session menu ( 1.x will be imported as session )
+ New DHTML command external.max_allFilter external.max_doFilter(action,FilterName) action could be: view, delete, enable, disable, path, export
+ max:filter for Ad Hunter config page
+ Combined refresh button to web bar.
+ Use small icon
+ Stop button
+ Register .m2s, m2p, m2f file type.
+ Auto start plugin
* close tab made faster
* Better support for IE pac file
* Menu bar aligns better
* Fixed the key stroke problem
* Fixed closing Maxthon also closes download file problem
* Fixed key stroke problem with flash
* Collector made better.
* Sidebar skin made better
* Show sidebar button on tab is made in toggle state
* Fixed sidebar plugin icon problem
* Fixed closing a tab caused win98 to crash problem
* Proxy toolbar button is made in toggle state
* GDI object improvement
* Fixed Drawing problem when tab at bottom
Download Maxthon incl. english & russian languages (1,5 mb)