Fine Metronome ver.3.0

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Fine Metronome ver.3.0

Fine Metronome ver.3.0 | 1,07 MB

Fine Metronome is designed for musicians, dancers, people training keyboarding skills, and even some sportsmen. Their common goal is to increase muscle coordination, and it is best achieved by doing rhythmic exercises.

Artists (musicians and dancers) are especially required of advanced psychomotor skills. Also, they should feel steady beats in order to perform beautifully. Practicing with a metronome is the most easy way to develop the ability and get rid of unintended speeding up or slowing down.

Fine Metronome also can control the pace of how your practicing goes from session to session. The common trick is to increase tempo slightly each time you perform your exercise well.

# Tempo range 1 through 999 BPM
# Tempo Dither technology
# Ultra-high stability and precision
# Advanced hot keys and a global play hot key
# Mouse wheel support
# Beat flashing and counting in a resizable window
# Dozen of sounds and ability to use your own
# Non-primary sound card output option
# Additive (complex, mixed) meters
# Sub-beats (beat divisions)
# Intelligent tempo Tap
# Tempo library for storing named presets
# Nice compact design