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FireGraphic 8.5.810

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Firegraphic 8 is designed for Photoshop® users to work with images easier and faster. The Firegraphic engine loads thumbnails and images fast, and leaves more RAM for your Photoshop. Firegraphic is a powerful yet easy-to-use digital imaging management software which gives you a faster and easier way to import, view, organize, edit, print, and share your photo collections.

Firegraphic Main Features:
- Super fast thumbnail and image loading
- Access to all image folders in one central location
- Batch processing feature that enables you to resize, convert, rename, or apply filters to multiple images at one time
- Ability to input valuable properties for your images such as the author, date created, description and keywords
- Fast search engine that allows you search through your image collections and obtain results instantly
- Easy printing that enables you to print multiple images on one page
- E-mail your images to your friends and family in a single click
- Import images from your digital devices easily

Firegraphic 8 Features:
- Improved Memory Usage - Firegraphic consumes very low memory and leaves more memory for you to edit your photos in the image editor.
- RAW File Formats Supported - Firegraphic 8 now supports RAW file formats from digital cameras*. (* Camera Manufacturer RAQ Support: Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus)
- Easy to work with third party image editors - The Compact Mode lets you view and edit photos with a third party image editor much easier.
- Redesigned user interface - the new Firegraphic user interface let you switch between the compact mode and advanced mode, which gives you a better way to work with your photos.
- Flexible printing options - Get the most from your photo paper and print photos any way you want - individual photos, photo packages, and contact sheets.
- Change the Firegraphic skin color - Get rid of the standard Windows blue color and change the Firegraphic skin color to your favorite color or according to your mood.
- Change thumbnails size easily - Whenever you want to make the thumbnail bigger or smaller, move the thumbnail size slider at the bottom of Firegraphic to change to the size you want.
- Customizable Toolbar and Viewer's context menu - Customize the tools in your toolbar and the Context menu in the Viewer to suit your working basis.

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