Flash Music Studio ver.1.0

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Flash Music Studio ver.1.0

Flash Music Studio ver.1.0 | 6,10 MB

Flash Music Studio is an easy and powerful tool to convert music files into Adobe Flash movie. The application supports multiple music formats like MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG.Create cool flash music player with stunning graphic equalizer. Customize the flash music player by changing its colors, looks and feel, buttons, and visual effect like aurora, blur, smoke, etc. Produce highest quality streaming audio with small file size for bandwidth efficiency. Mix secondary sound watermark. Utilize flexible batch conversion and built-in FTP upload tool.

Here are some key features of "Flash Music Studio ":

Variety of cool customizable sound player
· You may choose to publish your music with or without a player. The music player is very similar to a Windows Media Player control which enables viewer to fast forward, rewind, drag time slider, adjust volume, etc. The Flash Music Studio offers a list of cool controls. You can customize the control colors to suit your style.

graphic equalizer
· Flash Music Studio analyze the music spectrum and generate a stunning graphic equalizer instantly. You can select from variety of equalizer and customize it further by changing its color.

Customizable playlist playback mode
· You can choose from three different playlist playback mode: sequential or random.

Sound compression settings
· Getting the highest quality sound but maintaining the file size and the bandwidth to be small enough so that it is suitable for internet listening experience is a very crucial aspect when publishing an Adobe Flash Movie. With Flash Music Studio you can decide to set the sound quality manually or simply choose from the list of pre-defined settings.

Sound Trimming
· You can automatically trim all music in your playlist at a specific duration by one click of a button. This is very handy for creating a playlist containing a shorter version of musics you want to show off.

Mix a sound watermark
· Flash Music Studio allows you to add another soundtrack to mix it with the published music. This feature is very useful to put a watermark over your music for a demonstration purpose. You can make the sound watermark to play in a loop.

Publish dimension
· Flash Music Studio allows you to change the published dimension of the music player.

Built-in FTP upload tool
· Flash Music Studio has a built-in FTP upload tool to upload the published movie file easily.fs

Batch conversion tool
· You can use Flash Music Studio as a batch conversion tools. You can choose to publish each music within your project so that each has its own music player.