Flash Saver ver.5.8

Posted By: useros
Flash Saver is designed to fulfill your requirement of saving Flash animations from web browser to your hard disk by a simple click.

It can not only save Flash animations from the current web page you are surfing, but also it can search from local cache files and list all Flash files that was viewed recently.

You can preview flash files before download. Moreover, you can classify downloaded Flash animations into different categories like Game, Cartoon, MTV, Fun, Movies, etc.

You can download flash files through:

1. Detect from cache:

Flash items can be downloaded from the cache. This choice is always faster than the second choice.

2. Detect from webpage:

Search Flash items in the web page you're surfing. This is not recommended because it is a bit slower than the second mode and some Flash items can't be found in some cases e.g. flash files built in Javascript, flash files built in encrypted webpage.

3. Add a task (*.swf):

You may download the flash file directly if you know its URL (*.swf). Lots of BBS offer flash files url for downloading, it's the most convenient and fast way to download such swf files.

4. Download swf files from the popup windows directly:

When you move your cursor on the flash file of a popup window, Flash Saver Bar will show up on this popup window, you can download the flash file by clicking ; you also can change Flash Saver settings by clicking

5. Download swf files using hanging window

6. Download swf files using right click

Here are some key features of "Flash Saver":

· **Change default save path from d:flash saver to c:my flashes.
· **Add "copy URL" function (hot key: ctrl+C): can save detected flash items' URL to clipboard.
· ** Add exceptional disposal to detect window, flash saver will give hints when error happened, such as webpage invalid or can not be connected.
· ** Add resizing detect window's function and flash saver will memorize this size.
· ** Change detect mode between webpage and cache by clicking button in the top left corner.
· ** Mail flash to your friends by a click.
· ** Fix some bugs.
· Support user-defined, arbitrary, multi-leveled sorts. Each has the stranger classification function.
· The "flash item" directory daggling function. The downloaded directory can be daggled into other sorts at any moment, meanwhile the physics document on the hard disk will be also moved.
· The view mode can be classified into the custom directory view mode and the system directory view mode.
· With the independent "flash player" and can choose an external flash player to joint with your program.
· Correct the rock-bottom data saving mechanism. The new data saving method will be more stable and easier to expanded.
· Add a more practical and convenient saving flash mode. Right click the page and choose "save flash in this webpage", your needed flash will be listed in the pop-up window.
· Friendly hint widow. In this version, the most hint windows are adopted the msn window mode. It does not affect your current opteration while giving you the hints.
· Strengthen flash preview contorl function. Not only a plan bar can show the preview plan, but also can adjust it by yourself.
· Rename. The downloaded flash item can be renamed, meanwhile the physics document on the hard disk will be also renamed.
· probe all Flash items in web pages;
· probe all Flash items in cache;
· download a flash file directly (add a task);
· friendly and optimized interface;
· automatic probe Flash animations from 'frame', 'iframe';
· play swf file stand-alone;
· play swf file in full screen;
· capture screenshots in swf files;
· hanging window;
· shortcut bar;
· preview flash file before download;
· optional download modes: manually and immediately;
· shortcut-icon to IE's tool bar;
· shortcut-icon to system tray;
· optional styles: Windows XP/Custom Windows Style;
· search function: search swf file in Filename, Source URL, and/or Comment
· add comments on flash files;
· hot-key support 'F7';
· powerful & convenient management of downloaded flash files;
· good compatibility