FlashGit RS ver. 2.5

Posted By: tehranshahr
FlashGit RS ver. 2.5

FlashGit RS v2.5 | 3.73 MB

FlashGet on its own is a pretty powerful download manager, but it has some thinks which could be improved, that's why there's FlashGit. Tweak your FlashGet so it can handle up to a 100 Simultaneous downloads, each split up into 30 parts, this will make your FlashGet 300% faster.

What's new (release date: 24-04-2006)

+) Compatiable with FlashGet v1.72
+) Updated License Agreement :: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! :: +) Banner page and the '10 seconds delay' button were removed
+) Improved the FlashGit theme
+) Fixed a .xpi association bug when installing FlashGot on a system containing Thunderbird.
+) Updated FlashGot to v.5.9.995
+) Tweaks added: Cache usage

*) Improved error handeling
*) More user friendly
*) Improved FlashGot installation
*) FlashGit and the updater will now work on Windows 9x again
*) Updated all item descriptions
*) Some fine changes

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