4Level extensions for Dreamweaver

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4Level extensions for Dreamweaver

4Level extensions for Dreamweaver

1. Drag Scroller v1.0

The DragScroller by 4Level is one of the lightest
weight drag scrollers on the internet. The total
weight of the DragScroller "out of box" with one
content layer including all of the page elements and
the code that drives it is 5.17k. If your pages are
using other functions that use the shared MM_findObj
function then the code weight drops to 4.75k.
The 4Level DragScroller is fully featured with an easy
to use interface that is designed to help customers
use the extension with ease and a minimum of fuss. The
package includes all of the images and tools necessary
for building Vertical or Horizontal DHTML

2. 333CreativeCentral DHTML Tool Tips FX v1.0

This extention is one of the best extentations for creating tooltips.

43 Different Transition Effects for Internet Explorer 5.5 and above Fade effect for Netscape 7. Degrades gracefully for Netscape 4, Internet Explorer 4+, Opera 7 Optional DHTML Mouse Tracking Each individual tool tip can be positioned and sized to suit Positioning auto-adjusts so that the tool tips is always on screen Customize the appearance of individual tool tips. Some of the options include, setting background colors, font colors and borders for each tool tip. Tool tips can utilize advanced HTML markup to further enhance the presentation of the tool tips User friendly extension user interface, will allow you to create your own tool tips in seconds Each tip is completely editable after insertion

3. Layer Genie v.1.01

Create fantastic cascading menus with amazing special effects! This set of behaviors will make it all possible. Your layers and menus will come ALIVE with superb animations and special effects. Now you can concentrate on the layout design of your pages and create fantastic designs without worrying about different browsers and difficult programming.

4. Chromeless Lite

5. IFrameSuite v2.0

The iFrame Suite contains 4 extensions which are tools for the
building and manipulation of iFrames. It is the most powerful set of
iFrame extensions available for Dreamweaver today.

Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/25298537/forlev.rar

2.88 MB

have fun…