Foxy ver.1.7.0

Posted By: FatBuu
Foxy is a filtering web proxy. It acts as a middleman between the users' browsers and the Internet. All through traffic is inspected, categorized, counted, and may be modified, redirected, or blocked, if neccessary.

Foxy is not just another “internet filter”, “popup blocker”, “porn stopper”, “form filler”, etc. It can do it all, and much, much more.
Blocks popups, banners, cookies, scripts, applets, objects, various media types, deanimates GIF images, spoofs request headers

Foxy has all the features common to web filtering software but it goes the extra mile. For example, it's easy to block JavaScript, but it completely breaks many sites that use scripts in all their links. Unlike other web filters, in many cases Foxy can convert scripted links to regular links when blocking JavaScript, which preserves functionality of many de-scripted web sites.

Protects your kids from porn

Foxy analyzes web pages on the fly consulting user-defined dictionaries and blocks access to sites containing objectionable content.

Thousands of new sites appear every day. Most commercial blockers rely on static domain lists. The user has to pay for subscription to keep up with the constantly changing Internet. Vendors usually claim that domain lists are “manually categorized”, etc. Actually, domain databases are produced by automated crawlers configured with categorized dictionaries.

Foxy does it on the fly. All known and yet unknown sources of objectionable content can be easily blocked. It's up to the user to decide what kind of content should be blocked and how sensitive the matching should be. For more details please see filter documentation.

Efficiently blocks server-side spyware

Server-side spyware (a.k.a. “web analytics technologies”) is the nastiest thing on the web. It's invisible, but it can track your steps across multiple sites and easily gets past firewalls, cookie blocking, etc. Almost every commercial web site uses this technology today. E.g. open page source of,, or almost anything else and look for something like SiteCatalyst, RedSheriff, WebSideStory, Nielsen//NetRatings, Vibrant Media, Google Analytics, or Tacoda. Foxy recognizes malicious code fragments from those sources embedded in host pages by unique signatures and deletes them on the fly.

Optimizes search engines' result pages

Neutralizes Google, Yahoo, and MSN click tracking mechanisms, which both protects the user's privacy and speeds up surfing. Can optionally delete “sponsored links” from search results, so only trully relevant matches are shown. See more.

Allows you to rewrite the Web

Can you write simple programs in C, Perl, awk, or anything else? Have you ever thought about how nice it would be if some webpages could be passed through a filtering program or script of your own before your browser sees them?

Foxy will help you rewrite the Web. The choice of the programming language is yours. The rule is simple: your program reads data from the standard input and writes it (potentially modified) to the standards output. Then Foxy feeds the result to your browser. Read more.

Automatically fills in on-line forms

Tired of punching in you library card number when accessing your library's online catalogue? This filter may be for you. You can specify static values for some pages and use automatic learning for others. Filter documentation page provides more information.

Features a whitelist and multiple blacklists

Blacklist filters simply block access to certain resources. Like all other filters, they can use URL templates, exception lists, and may be configured to be active only within certain time intervals, days of week, or only for certain users. The Whitelist specifies URLs excluded from any filtering. See filter documentation page for more information.