fxphd Photoshop CS3 CD

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fxphd Photoshop CS3 CD

fxphd Photoshop CS3 CD | 440 MB

This term's course will focus on the new CS3, focusing on improvements to the standard version as well as the new extended version when it becomes available later in the term.

Class 1 - CS3 Overview: General overview of new interface. Close look at levels, curves and grading tools in the new CS3.

Class 2: The Bridge, Camera RAW, and the role of Lightroom.

Class 3 - CS3 Photomerge: Comparison between THE CS2 and CS3 photomerge function for creating panoramas

Class 4 - Selection methods and smart filters in CS3: Channels, masks, new tools, etc, and smart filters

Class 5 - Video layers and Animation (CS3 extended): Working with video layers & footage, time-based cloning and healing, layer alignments and blending.

Class 6 - Cross strand collaboration: Matte Painting Using gary's prequel, we will design a matte painting using CS3, preparing for gary's sequel: 3D matte projection. Smart filters, vanishing point, grading using CS3.

Class 7 - Cross strand collaboration: Textures for 3D and projection Using gary's prequel, we will design a matte painting using cs3, preparing for gary's sequel: matte projection.

Class 8 - Cross strand collaboration: Using artwork from The Disappeared, working in collaboration with Mark (to Mark's requirements). Look at composition and design/artwork creation etc.

Class 9 - Actions: Automation (scripting) in CS3

Class 10 - 3D in CS3: Importing 3D models, brushes, vanishing point 3D exports painting, pen tools to create textures for use in 3D work, texture editing: exporting 3D models from 2D images, 2D and 3D measurement tools, CS3 extended.