Genuine Fractals PrintPro ver. 4.0.1103 for Adobe Photoshop

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Lizardiech выпустил очередную версию фильтра Genuine Fractals PrintPro (220 амер. рублей - офигеть), профессионально выполняющего единственную операцию - увеличение размеров рисунка. При помощи фрактальных технологий он масштабирует изображение на 600% без потери качества. Сделать это может и Photoshop, причём версия Adobe Photoshop CS даже имеет дополнительные настройки масштабирования (Bicubic Sharper и Bicubic Smoother). Но разработчики уверяют, что результат работы Фотошоп в этом контексте заметно бледнее и менее чёток, чем рисунок, масштабированный средствами Genuine Fractals Print Pro. Короче, прога очень нужная дезигнерам и версталам для качественного вывода на PrePress или простой печати на хорошем принтере.

Genuine Fractals PrintPro 4.0 is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Elements that lets you save time by working in medium-sized original files for high-resolution output. When using Genuine Fractals PrintPro 4.0 for large-format print, it's no longer necessary to scan at the output resolution. You need only between 15MB and 25MB of RGB data to capture an image for any size output. For example, you could scan a 4"x5" transparency at 600 dpi to produce a 20MB RGB file, do all your image editing at that scan resolution, then apply Genuine Fractals PrintPro.

Genuine Fractals is a software application that transforms an image into "resolution-independent assets," eliminating the relationship between pixels and resolution. Genuine Fractals mathematically encodes an image as an algorithm and the pixels of the original raster image are replaced with a new file structure that stores the entire image and none of the pixels. When the image is opened again, it can be rescaled to the desired size and the algorithm will generate new pixels while maintaining sharpness regardless of image size.

The resample command in most imaging software uses a process called interpolation for increasing the size of an image. The interpolation process estimates the values of the pixels the software needs to create based on the existing pixels in the image. Resampling via interpolation is better than resizing an image without interpolation, but results in serious blurring of the resized image, especially in areas where there are distinct changes in color. Genuine Fractals breaks through such limitations with its award-winning "resolution on demand" technology.

Additionally, the vivid colors and sharp lines in images enhanced with Genuine Fractals from files of any size make it the ideal image enlargement solution for photographers, graphic artists and digital imaging professionals who need to create high-quality, resolution-independent images.

Genuine Fractals PrintPro 4.0

1.Encodes and renders in RGB, CMYK (8- and 16-bit) and grayscale images (8-bit only).
2.Scale up to 700% without image degradation.
3.Batch encode.
4.Preview window.

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