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Genuine Fractals PrintPro v.4.1.2058 for Adobe Photoshop

Features :
An indispensable tool for creative professionals, professional photographers, digital-image publishers, and photo studios, Genuine Fractals can generate enlargements of any size from medium- or high-resolution digital images.
What's New in Version 4.1
·Improved workflow - you are no longer required to save files as .STN files first before you scale them up. Simply open a file in Photoshop and you can begin scaling immediately. You can still use the .STN file format when saving your final image to compress the file size and save hard disk space or make it easier to transfer a .STN file.
·Batch Processing support - version 4.1 now allows you to batch process your scaling jobs through a Photoshop Action.
·Image presets - allows you to enter one of 14 presets and let Genuine Fractals figure out how much your image needs to be resized.
The fractal technology found in Genuine Fractals 4.0 enables users to increase the resolution of electronic images and digital photos captured using a digital camera or scanner, giving sharp image enlargements.
Eliminate the cost of scanning high-resolution images. Use Genuine Fractals 4.1 to scale lower-resolution images to achieve print-quality photos. Scale an entire image or easily crop and scale a specific area of interest within an image.
Genuine Fractals enables Adobe Photoshop users to output any file size from a single encoded file. Genuine Fractals provides ultimate flexibility and quality and enables the user to work in, store, and transmit smaller, more manageable files.
With Genuine Fractals, increase the resolution and size of images without degrading the image quality. Genuine Fractals PrintPro 4.1 supports RGB and CMYK Photoshop color.
Resize or crop scanned or digital-camera image within Genuine Fractals to reframe and eliminate unwanted areas, then enlarge images up to 700%. Increase resolution and size without degrading image quality. Choose any print resolution for desktop, large format, or offset printers. Easily output the same file at several resolutions for diverse applications. | Manufacturer: LizardTech Inc.

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