Genuine Fractals PrintPro 4.1.2128 For MAC

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Genuine Fractals PrintPro 4.1.2128 For MAC
Genuine Fractals PrintPro 4.1.2128 For MAC

Genuine Fractals PrintPro 4.1.2128 For MAC
Photoshop Plugins | MAC | 3,95 Mb
Genuine Fractals Print Pro 4.1 supports batch processing using Photoshop Actions

For extraordinary image enlargements, Genuine Fractals Print Pro enables photographers and digital imaging professionals to create high-quality, print-ready enlargements of RGB and CMYK files.

Why it matters that it is Genuine

When you increase the size of an image (also referred to as up-rezzing or interpolating) new pixels are created. The scaling method used will determine the color values of those new pixels. The better the scaling method used, the more likely it is to look like the original, or “genuine” version.

The default method of interpolation in Photoshop has long been bicubic interpolation. This method is fast, but is flawed because it averages colors together resulting in blurred edges and loss of detail. The most recent offering from Photoshop is Bicubic Smoother which is better than standard bicubic, but in the end, it is still just doubling pixels and then smoothing them. The result, averaged color values, blurred edges with some smoothing applied.

Genuine Fractals approaches the scaling problem differently. Before any scaling is done, Genuine Fractals evaluates the image. It then samples a larger area of the image than the bicubic methods to determine the new color values that are to be created. If the new color values are not within an acceptable range of colors - one that resembles the original image - those color values are adjusted so they match. The result is a much sharper image that retains much more of the detail found in the original "pre-interpolated" image. See for yourself in the image below. The enlarged portion of the image you see when the mouse is not over the image was "rezzed up" using Genuine Fractals.


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