GFI EndPointSecurity ver.3.0.20070617

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GFI EndPointSecurity ver.3.0.20070617

GFI EndPointSecurity ver.3.0.20070617 | 11,1 MB

Control network access of portable storage devices and drives, such as USB drives, iPods and PDAs You have invested in network anti-virus software, firewalls, email and web content security to protect against external threats. Yet any user can come into the office, plug in a USB drive the size of the average keychain and take in/out over 80 GB of data. This poses a tremendous threat: Users can take confidential data or they can unknowingly introduce viruses, trojans, illegal software and more – actions that can affect your network and company severely. Yet, as an administrator you have no way to control this! Group policy offers no control and total lock down of USB ports is no sustainable solution.

Prevent data theft and virus infection from within with endpoint security software

According to a 2005 FBI Computer Crime Survey, 44% of organizations have reported network intrusions from within their own organizations. Technology analyst Gartner warns that portable devices containing a USB or FireWire connection are a serious new threat to businesses. In their report, Gartner named portable storage devices as a significant security risk in the workplace and advised that these can be used both to download confidential data, and also to introduce a virus into the company network.
Regain control over your network with GFI EndPointSecurity

GFI EndPointSecurity allows administrators to actively manage user access and log the activity of:

* Media players, including iPods, Creative Zen and others
* USB drives, CompactFlash, memory cards, CDs, floppies & other portable storage devices
* PDAs, BlackBerry handhelds, mobile phone and similar communication devices
* Network cards, laptops and other network connections.

Why choose GFI EndPointSecurity?

> Blocks insider data theft by fully controlling access to portable storage devices like memory cards, CDs, USB drives and more
> Prevents the introduction of viruses and unauthorized software by controlling all endpoint connectable devices such as PDAs, laptops and more
> Allows administrators to exercise group-based control over a wide array of portable devices without affecting authorized users
> Prevents productivity loss by blocking unauthorized uploads of games and other personal files from portable storage devices
> Ships with three protection policies: for laptops, workstations and servers.