GFI EndPointSecurity ver. 3.0.20060911

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GFI EndPointSecurity ver. 3.0.20060911

GFI EndPointSecurity ver. 3.0.20060911
Win32 | Size: 9,60 Mb
Control entry and exit of data via USB sticks, iPods, PDAs and other devices through endpoint security

You have invested in network anti-virus software, firewalls, email and web content security to protect against external threats. Yet any user can come into the office, plug in a USB stick the size of the average keychain and take in/out over 32 GB of data. This poses a tremendous threat: Users can take confidential data or they can unknowingly introduce viruses, trojans, illegal software and more – actions that can affect your network and company severely. Yet, as an administrator you have no way to control this! Group policy offers no control.

According to a 2005 FBI Computer Crime Survey, 44% of organizations have reported network intrusions from within their own organizations. Technology analyst Gartner warns that portable devices containing a USB or FireWire connection are a serious new threat to businesses. In their report, Gartner named removable media devices as a significant security risk in the workplace and advised that these can be used both to download confidential data, and also to introduce a virus into the company network.

Why choose GFI EndPointSecurity?

* Blocks insider data theft by fully controlling access to portable storage devices like memory cards, CDs and more
* Prevents the introduction of viruses and unauthorized software by controlling all endpoint connectable devices such as PDAs, laptops and more
* Supports all types of connectable devices through USB/FireWire such as wireless cards, cameras, iPods, PDAs and more
* Provides full network-wide control through unique group-based protection.


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