Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition Full ver.

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Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition Full ver.

Symantec Ghost is a comprehensive enterprise tool for OS deployment, software distribution, back-up, and disaster recovery. The solution helps to reduce IT costs by streamlining networked server, desktop, and notebook management. Now administrators can deploy or restore an OS image or application onto a PC in minutes, and easily migrate user settings and profiles to customize PCs.
Symantec Ghost enables reliable backups of PC drives, including applications and critical data. Administrators can choose to deploy entire operating systems, application packages, user "personalities," security "hot fixes", or incremental backups. A unique file preservation capability preserves the Client Staging Area's contents during a restore, thereby maintaining a local backup and recovery image. With the Ghost Client installed, there's no need to visit the target PC in order to conduct routine deployment or maintenance.
Symantec Ghost Enterprise Edition is an disk imaging solution. It does, however, allow incremental backup of all your client computers' data, providing the ability to restore any networked computer that has crashed. This includes restoration of the operating system and settings, all applications that it was running and all data files.
Improved centralized and remote management, Client Migration, the imaging technology of DeployCenter Library, local cloning support, and multicast file transfer enable fast and easy PC management. From the Symantec Ghost central management console, IT managers can quickly deploy whole application packages or specific PC changes such as registry changes or desktop settings. The console also enables administrators to easily migrate user "personalities", including PC settings and data. Additionally, IT managers can remotely clone multiple workstations and then quickly configure critical workstation data such as TCP/IP settings and machine, workgroup, and domain names.

Key Features:
Suite includes Symantec Ghost, Symantec Client Migration, and the imaging technology of DeployCenter Library.
- Remote deployment of operating systems and applications with Ghost Console.
- Sector-based and file-based disk imaging creates file images of any FAT, NTFS, EXT2, and EXT3 file system.
- Client staging area for storing files and images on the client machines is preserved during a system restore or OS migration.

Key Benefits:
- Fast and easy deployment of new systems, migration of user data and settings, and system updates.
- Deploy individual files to multiple recipients simultaneously with multicast file transfer.
- Safely retire and dispose of PCs with secure data disposal that meets U.S. Department of Defense standards.
- More effective management of image and software deployments with hardware and software inventory.