Global Clipboard v1.67

Posted By: quil__23

Global Clipboard is a multifunctional clipboard manager.

The program saves all information which is copied in a clipboard. Therefore you can restore any data which were used at work.
The flexible interface and convenient viewing will allow receiving the full information on each data fragment.
The program allows to easily fill in forms, due to storage of the list of the necessary information which is always visible.
Now you can see quantity of strings, words and symbols of the copied text, and also the sizes of the image or a screenshot.
Due to the program, you can use a clipboard for accumulation of the texts which copy from different applications.
At the following work session all content of a clipboard and all data fragments will be restored, that you could continue the work quickly.
You can change the register of the text and transform images in the clipboard by pressing of a hotkey.
To write the letter or to open the link, now it is enough to copy the address, and the program itself will start necessary application.
The huge quantity of parameters will allow you to adjust the program to considerably increase productivity and to simplify the work.

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