The 3 Little Handy and Free Utilities

Posted By: tallist
Nice handy little programs that are able to do 1 thing (...maybe more than one) but do it well and in simple way:


Scan easily into a pdf-file.

Scan2PDF supports:

- Load images from your harddisk
- Scan images with and without interface
- Change the order of the images
- Delete images from the list
- Rotate images

no installation needed, great for USB Keys (size: 480 KB)


It is a small currency converter utility, that can convert between most world currencies. It downloads the latest conversion rates as needed, and can then be used offline, using the downloaded data. You can set a custom domestic currency, and also save frequently used currency pairs. Very useful for investors/traders, internet shoppers, tourists or any users who wants to convert their domestic currency value to a foreign currency amount.

no installation needed, great for USB Keys/drives too (size 9 KB!!)

Global Converter (click "utilities" on the sidebar):

A quick all-purposes values/numbers converter (italian developper)

no installation needed (136 KB)

for italian readers more info here