GLUON XTensions for QuarkXPress 6.1+

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9 GLUON XTensions for QuarkXPress v6.1 or higher.

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GLUON Cropster v6.1 | $99
The professionals' choice for setting up mechanical and page markings. This powerful XTension will set up crop marks for bleed, trim, safety, folds and page gutters. Use it to set up color-coded guides for all of the aforementioned marks as well as dimension arrows. Cropster enables the choice of machine centering on a page to facilitate double sided printing, and it features user definable presets. Use Cropster and yoll see why it is the industry standard for setting up electronic mechanicals.

GLUON Greeker v7.1 | $59
Greeker allows you to scramble the selected text. Our proprietary technique leaves all the words right where they are on the page but makes them unreadable. This is useful for sending a client a dummy copy, yet giving him or her a clear picture of how the final piece will look. To Greek text simply select the text or text boxes you wish to Greek and choose Greek and Ungreek Text from the GLUONs Menu. Once you have used Greek Text on some text you can Ungreek it by selecting the text and using the Greek and Ungreek Text menu item again. Not only will this save time when going to finals (one is not stuck replacing ancient Lorem Ipsum copy though we also give you this option), but there cannot be any layout surprises because everyone in the production process will have been using the real copy.

GLUON iDropper v4.0 | $59
iDropper is a multi-purpose tool you've probably wanted in QuarkXPress. Never has it been so effortless to add new colors to Quark's Color list or copy colors from one box to another. Either eyedropper a color right out of any graphic appearing on screen or choose one of 9500 colors that appear in the Color Display Bar shown below. This bar automatically appears when you are using the iDropper tool, showing you the color you are over in 3 shades and giving you the Instant Color Picker for easy color addition.

GLUON Grids & Guides v7.1 | $99
Pro Grids & Guides has replaced our two products ProGrids and ProGuides with one all-inclusive XTension. This new XT is the "be-all" and "end-all" in guides for QuarkXPress, period. Not only does it include all the great features of the previous two products, but some great new ones such as Bleed Guides, Mirroring, Shift and Copy & Paste for guides!

GLUON ProPack v6.1 | $199
*Windows ProPack 6 may not contain all XTensions listed but they will likely be added and available later at no charge for owners of Windows ProPack 6. Currently, Windows ProPack contains 9 XT's: ProScale EV, Cropster, Greeker, iDropper, Linkster, ProBullets, ProGrids & Guides, Outlines and SpotCheck.

GLUON ProScale v7.12 | $95
ProScale was the world's first scaling XTension in 1990. It wasn't the first one to go national but was New York's best kept secret, used by the world's largest ad agencies to resize ads in one click. It was also the first and only XTension to add the ability to resize entire documents for the same price as other scalers on the market. Now we've added text fitting and column fitting along with our previous "fit-to" functions. So many "firsts" and "bests" make this an impressive, must-have XTension for anyone working in XPress! Version 7 for Quark 6 is here so don't hesitate to upgrade so you can keep scaling like the pros.

TableMaker v6.1 | $139
TableMaker is used to convert TAB-delimited text (or other delimeters) into accurate tables quickly. TableMaker can be used to "force fit" your table into any size. Simply enter, import or paste your TAB-delimited text into a Quark text box, select it, then use the TableMaker dialog (above) to create an instant professional table. Customize almost every parameter of tables and now with Quark 6 we've added the ability to make tables with cells, not just tabs as before. With all the options of TableMaker, professionals can work any way that suits them, making great tables with traditional tabs or with cells. We've added new powers to the existing table routines in Quark such as the ability to make tables accross multiple pages or to set alternating shades or fit text. Please download and try it. It's amazing!

WebXPress Pro v6.1 | $399
For those seeking a more industrial strength solution, we have created WebXPress Pro. Pro gives all the same power that regular gives you with added export types including Open eBook 1.0, XML. Palm and special SEC formatting for financial institutions. In addition, you get full automation capabilities and scripting as well as powerful substitution functions for fonts and custom tags.

GLUON XPressImage v6.1 | $349
Includes powerful batch processing. Place QXP documents in a 'hot' folder and XPressImage Pro will batch process these documents automatically. The regular (non-pro) version can only process 2 files at a time so if you need automation, you need XPressImage Pro. After your documents are processed, they move to a 'done' folder, and your new graphic images go to a location you select. Automated batch processing that organizes itself! Pro for Mac also adds in Comprehensive AppleScript support to give you mindboggling automation and remote control power. Pro users will also have access to the feature that lets you specify an additional action in PhotoShop for XPI to perform before saving. Also PDF creation using Distiller is only supported in the Pro version.