GnMidi v2.50 [MIDI Tools for Windows]

Posted By: Dr. Kimble
GnMidi v2.50 [MIDI Tools for Windows]

GnMidi v2.50 [MIDI Tools for Windows]
1.31 MB RAR | Günter Nagler | App+Serial (Tested/Working)

Midi player (including Karaoke display) midi format 1 to 0 (for single files or directories) repair corrupt midi fade part of song in or out generate midi medley change song volume Karaoke file (.kar) to midi with lyrics (.e.g Cakewalk, Tune1000, Farfisa) midi with lyrics to Karaoke file (.kar) Compress MIDI file MIDI transpose. MIDI to ASCII text, edit the ASCII text with notepad (or wordpad) and convert back to a MIDI file. MIDI map channel numbers. Guess chords and add them as synchronized text events into a new midi file. Since 2.12: can choose between 3 event types (marker, lyric, text) Guess song key Split drum instruments and programs. Show or add copyright notice. BPM counter to guess tempo of a song. Generate setup measure with GM/GS/XG reset sysex and initialization of missing MIDI parameters (to play in a list without random side effects). Add secret copyright Reverse midi song Remove hanging notes MIDI time calculator. More functions will be added in future…




It's a very useful app to edit MIDIs!
Remember to uncheck 'GNMIDI News', in
the 'Settings' menu, to avoid blacklisting…

Enjoy… :)
Dr. Kimble.-

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