Go2China Ultimate Chinese Learning Software (Reupload)

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Go2China Ultimate Chinese Learning Software (Reupload)

Go2China Ultimate Chinese Learning Software
Windows application | 2005 | ~200 MB

Short summary of the program features from

***Structured learning module***

Our Mandarin Platform enables you to take many different Chinese learning courses, from beginners to advanced. We will provide more courses for you to download to the platform to study. It is your lifelong learning companion. Your learning platform will never be outdated!

"A New Yorker in Beijing", a beginner to intermediate level Chinese course, comes with the platform. A New Yorker goes to China to study Chinese. He makes a few friends, and he is totally immersed in the Chinese way of life in China. This course has 70 lessons, each lesson is focused on one aspect of his life in China.

Each lesson consists of 1) dialogs, 2) English translation, 3) pinyin, 4) flash movies with real human voices, 5) new characters/phrases studies with sample sentences, 6) sentence pattern studies with substitution and extension, 7) simplified form and traditional form comparison, 8) HSK (Chinese As a Second Language Examination) level studies, 9) pronunciation drills, 10) flash movies of how to write Chinese characters, 11) games to test your skills, 12) Chinese pronunciation throughout the lesson, 13) life assistant in China, 14) English and Chinese interface toggle. You are totally immersed in the learning enviornment, and it is a sure way for you to learn and master the Chinese language.

***Comprehensive dictionary module***

It is a comprehensive dictionary, with over 100,000 characters and phrases. We provide 3 basic search methods for you to find Chinese characters or phrases: Chinese, pinyin or English. The powerful fuzzy searching will help you to find the right character or phrase.

If a character has both traditional or simplified forms, we'll show them to you side by side.

Sample sentences will show you the usage of characters or phrases. Listen to the sentences to train your listening skills.

You can take and save notes within the dictionary, a great tool to help you understand the characters or phrases you just learnt.

Getwords is a convenient tool to capture Chinese characters, phrases or sentences on the screen for analyzing. It's just like copy and paste without your doing the actual work. Turn it on, as you move your mouse on Chinese characters, they are captured and sent to the analyzer directly.

***Translator and Assistant tool module***

It's a tool for you to study any Chinese content – unstructured. It's another lifelong handy tool. Tired of going through each lesson? Want to do some unstructured studying? Somewhere you find an interesting article, or an email message or a web site, you want to study it in depth. This tool is for you!

Content: You can either key in, copy and paste from another source, or open a Chinese file.

Listening: Not sure of how to pronounce a character or a phrase or a sentence? Just highlight it, you'll hear the pronunciation. You can even hear the whole article.

Speaking: Practice your speaking skills by listening to your selected content.

Writing: Watch a flash movie showing the writing of any character stroke by stroke.

Translating: Use the analyzer to help you understand the whole sentence by breaking it down to smaller units of phrases and characters.

Idioms: Idioms play an important role to get your ideas acrossed easily. Many idioms are orignated from real historic stories, and they are ingrained deeply in the Chinese culture. Learn them, study them and use them; you'll talk Chinese just like the Chinese!

Learning Experience: You can save your learning experience in the software.

***Character/sentence analyzer module***

Copy any Chinese text, choose the length of Chinese characters. It will analyze the sentence for you.

***Chinese text reader module***

If you have a Chinese file, or you visit some Chinese website, this module is for you to practice your listening comprehension. Just open the file, or copy and paste Chinese text into it. Start to listen …

***Phonic module***

Pinyin, based on English alphabet, is a system to represent the sounds of Chinese characters. Each Chinese character has only one syllable, which is formed by an initial followed by a final and a tone.

Pinyin module is a total immersion environment for you to learn all the initials, finals, and their complete combinations. It's a dynamic system, for each combination, you can also drill down to relevant characters, phrases to make the learning process fun and easy.

Initials/Finals: All initials and finals are pronounced with real human voice, once by a male voice followed by a female voice. You can learn and practice any way you like. Each initial or final is explained in full detail so you know how to pronounce it correctly.

Combinations: You can learn all the Chinese sounds by choosing an initial and a final. Perfect your pronunciation by listening and practicing with single characters or with phrases.

Exercises: To help you perfect your pronunciation, follow the 5 sets of exercises: discrimination, tones, syllables, listen & read, and sentences. Each set of exercises consists of a few different sections. Listen, practice and correct your pronunciation by following real human pronunciation.

Pinyin Converter: This is a lifelong tool to help you read any Chinese text, be it a Chinese text file or an email message or a web page text. Our intelligent converter will add Pinyin on top of each Chinese character, or you can generate a pure Pinyin output. Not sure how to pronounce a character or a phrase, just highlight it, you'll hear the correct pronunciation.

Go2China Ultimate Chinese Learning Software (Reupload)


Included in mdf/mds format, to be mounted with Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools. After installation you will not need the original image, so you can unmount it.

ATTENTION: During installation DO NOT CHOOSE the "Install Go2China Simplified Chinese Support", as it will probably destroy your system font, and you will have to reinstall Windows (or use RegDoctor to cure your registry). Every Chinese text will be finely read without this support as well (at least on XP).