GreenShield v5.65

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GreenShield v5.65

Win32 |Size: 1.71MB

The bottom line is that GreenShield can help you to save your privacy, protect your PC, Cleanup environment and reduce energy bill by automatically shutdown, restart, hibernate, standby your windows PC with several options.

Do you have private data like sites visited, documents opened, company files that need to be protected from prying eyes by automatically shutting down or logging off your PC with GreenShield. Security experts say that a lot of private information is obtained through social engineering. That means when you are away and your computer is on it can be in danger. With GreenShield it can be avoided.

Did it happened that you thought you would be back in no time but you came back after several hours or even next day seeing your computer is still working for hackers and bad guys. Now you can stop this from happening by leaving your PC with GreenShield and if you do not come back in due time it would take care of your PC.

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