Hexprobe Hex Editor ver. 2.42

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Hexprobe Hex Editor ver. 2.42

Hexprobe Hex Editor ver. 2.42 | 2,9 MB

Welcome to Hexprobe System! Hexprobe is a general-service hex editor, particularly helpful in the areas of hex-byte editing, data-pattern analysis, for examples: IT security. If you have to analyze an amount of data to find some patterns or clues, you must want to get an essential hex-byte analyzer, Hexprobe is a such tool.

Key features:
powerful hex editor
Edit multiple hex files, process spaces and import/export c, HTML and formatted text.

featured process viewer
List, refresh, search, edit, export win32 process's heap/module data.

efficient data edit
Insert/overwrite modes, special copy/paste, column-mode editing, swap byte order, change line width by mouse-dragging. And more…

advanced data search
Find in files/processes; hex-byte vague find/replace; selection, position-setting; conditional bookmark; bookmark associations.

essential data presentation
Present and interpret data according to the most essential conditions.

two useful utilities
Include a multibyte hex calculator and a data interpretation tool.

more features
XP visual styles; In place file viewer; storage media/drives plug-play; WYSIWYG effect output; HTML online help. And more…

Whats new:
-Improved: File comparison function.
-Fixed: The bug in toggling the Address Panel.